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How often should I worm my pet?

Your dog or cat should be wormed 2-4 times per year depending on how much they go out or hunt, or if they have fleas, as these little pests carry an intermediate stage of one of the tapeworms. We can worm your pet in the surgery with a single dose tablet. The vet will advise you of the best routine for your pet.


What flea products should I use?

No one likes fleas and preventing an infestation before one takes hold is much easier than treating your pet and house afterwards. Remember 95% of a flea population during an infestation is not on the pet but in your home! Not only that but the skin condition Flea Allergic Dermatitis can be very sore and expensive to treat. Prevention is better than cure!

We recommend Advocate, a monthly spot on treatment applied to the skin on the back of your dog’s neck from 7 weeks of age. Not only will this product kill adult fleas but also the larvae as well!

Advocate has additional activity against ear mites, skin mange mites, intestinal round worms and importantly Lungworm.  


Free Flea Check

If you would like to be given advice on effective flea products then call us. For prescription products we are obliged by law to see your pet  every 6 months. However we will give them a thorough check for fleas at no charge