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We're delighted to announce the introduction of our new  Pet Health Club - a FANTASTIC VALUE-FOR-MONEY scheme to  REWARD YOU for ensuring your pet has the BEST POSSIBLE PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE.


It covers all the things you'd expect - health checks, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, plus a raft of other benefits including discounts on lifetime care medications, neutering, dentistry, food, pet shop sales and more.


Starting at £7.80 a month for rabbits we know that it's the most affordable scheme for miles around saving owners between 30% - 60% of the normal cost. So it's a win win for everyone!

Download a leaflet below to find out what is covered and how much you could save.


"I love the fact that my pet's routine healthcare is all taken care of and budgeted for. It's a strange feeling going to the vets, getting a booster vaccination and your flea and wormer treatment and not having to take your purse out. But it's one I could certainly get used to !"


Helen Avent - Pet Health Plan Member

Pet Health Club

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