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At what age can I vaccinate my pets and against what?

Vaccinations protect your kitten or puppy against severely debilitating and potentially life threatening viral infections.


Kittens have a primary course of vaccinations consisting of two injections starting from 9 weeks of age. The second injection is given three weeks later at 12 weeks and both will include a full health check. An annual booster is required to provide ongoing immunity throughout the cat’s life.


We suggest puppies are first vaccinated at 8 weeks and then two weeks later when they are at least 10 weeks of age. These two injections are known as the primary course and it is advised puppies are not exposed to potential infection until 7 days after the second injection. An annual booster vaccination is required to maintain immunity throughout the dog’s life. We will remind you when this is due.


What if my pet is late having its annual booster vaccinations?

There is a little bit of flexibility with the timing of the booster vaccinations. However, it is advised not to left too long as your pet’s immunity will be reduced, and the initial 2-part vaccination course may also need to be restarted.